About us

The club meets on a Thursday at Kirkcaldy Swimming Pool between 7– 9pm and at Carnegie Pool, Dunfermline on Mondays between 7 – 8.30pm.

Our coaches are Irene Glen, Karen Forsyth, Julie Rowlinson, Victoria Prothero, Rachel Harper and Lesley Bloomer. Our poolside helpers are Elaine McDonald, Cheryl Taylor and Michelle Williamson.  It is recommended for swimmers to attend some kind of land training, either through Azolve or currently online with other Clubs, as it helps with core strength, however this is optional. None of our volunteers and coaches receive any payment from the Club.

Our Wellbeing and Protection Officers are Jo-Anne Angel and Linda Milne.

The Club are always looking for more poolside helpers, to help with coaching or to work the Coomber (our underwater music system). Please consider volunteering! Feel free to approach a coach or committee member if you are interested in helping out.  We are also always looking for committee members to join us too.

We encourage all swimmers to take their figure or routine grades and take part in competitions when ready. Gradings happen several times a year and are a great way of marking swimmers’ progress.

We also work with Edinburgh Synchronised Swimming Club and encourage swimmers who show particular talent or who wish to take their synchronised swimming career further to attend Edinburgh sessions as well as Fife sessions.

All our swimmers are members of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA) which means they can take part in competitions and do their grades if they wish. This also means that all swimmers are covered by insurance.  More information can be obtained from www.scottishswimming.com/membership, or from our treasurer Julie Rowlinson.  All coaches, parent/poolside helpers are also SASA members and PVG checked. Swimmers over the age of 18 are not currently permitted to join the junior section but can swim in our Masters section.

E-mail fifesynchroswimming@outlook.com Hours MONDAY 7pm - 8.30pm Carnegie Pool (Juniors). THURSDAY 7pm - 8pm Kirkcaldy Pool (Juniors). THURSDAY 8pm - 9pm Kirkcaldy Pool (Masters).
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